Categories (formerly called Tags) are a great way to organize your uploaded music. Live365’s flexible design allows you to create your own Categories for sorting and searching through your music library. The method of sorting your library is up to you!

Categories are optional, but recommended, as they can also be used in the creation of ClockWheels. Most commonly, Live365 users sort their media by genre, but you could use your Categories to organize your library according to track language, artist, upload date, decade, or mood. Categories also aid in Playlist creation.

Create Categories by selecting Media ➡ Categories from the Station Menu navigation bar, as shown below.

In the Categories pane, click the orange "Add Category" button.

Follow these steps to add a new category:

  1. Enter a descriptive name for your new category.
  2. Choose a color to associate with the category. (Optional)
  3. Click the green "Save" button to record your changes.

Once you have clicked the “Save” button, your Category will appear in the Category pane. 

Edit or Delete a Category

1) First, click the "Actions menu" (. . .) 

2) Select "Edit" to change the category name or choose "Delete" to remove it.


Editing a Category will change the Category for all of the tracks currently labeled with that Category.

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