AdBlocker is a piece of software, usually, in form of a browser extension, that can be used to block ads while navigating the internet. The way ad blockers work is by making sections of a website that could be ads inaccessible.

While ad blocker browser add-ons are generally effective, they can also incorrectly block certain sections or functions on a website which are not actually Ads. We've noticed that one of the functions being affected by this extension is the Live365 Embeddable Player's pop-out function.

If the AdBlocker extension is active, you might experience the following behavior when trying to open the player in a separate window:

As shown in the GIF recording above, the listener clicked on the "pop-out" button, and the player started to load up in a new windows. It flashes white and then disappears. This is a result of the AdBlocker extension acting on it.

The AdBlocker extension offers you the possibility to pause it from taking action on specific web pages. All that you need to do is to right-click on the icon which is usually pinned in the top right corner of the browser, then click on Pause on this site

After refreshing the page (F5 on your keyboard or press the refresh button), you should be able to open the Live365 player in a new pop-out window.