The short answer is, yes listening to your own station does count against your own TLH.

We all enjoy our stations and how long you listen is up to you but it will add to your total TLH.

Each listener is playing the stream from their own IP address on their device. If you have a device with another IP address - this will also count. Live 365 records and reports the TLH from every listening connection, so from each IP that connects to the station. We do not know who's IP address it is, including station owners.

The licensing bodies require that Live 365 reports all TLH use and more detailed broadcast reports to SoundExchange. As these licensing institutions require us to report all listenership, we are not allowed to exclude anyone, even if it's the station owner who does the listening for testing or recreational purposes.

That being said, we do have generous TLH packages which should allow you to enjoy the station if you wish and you can also upgrade at any time.