While attempting to create and schedule a ClockWheel to air on the Live365 station, our Broadcasters may encounter the following error message:

Category "x" has Tracks 

with different Media Types assigned.

This error occurs when a specific category you placed into your ClockWheel (in this example, "Demo Category 1") has tracks that are from different Media Types. For example, mixed ID, Talk, or Music tracks under the same category tag.

In this case, you would want to create a different category (for example "Demo Category 1 ID"), assign the ID file(s) to the new category, and then add it separately to the ClockWheel.

This limitation is meant to prevent different Media Type files from accidentally playing back to back within a scheduled event. Using a single Media Type for each category within a ClockWheel gives you, as a broadcaster, full control over what is supposed to be aired and in which order, while preserving a pleasant listening experience for your audience.