The Live365 Directory and mobile app are key features that our customers get with their monthly subscription to Live365. Each Live365 subscription includes listing in our Director, mobile apps, players, widgets and stream URL's. 

Letting stations be listed who are not customers would devalue the services that our paying customers receive. The Live365 brand has been established for many years, and our positive notoriety is something that our customers highly value.

Live365 maintains a licensed, legal Internet radio platform. As such, we are not listing stations that are not part of our network. The PRO's know that all Live365 stations are covered by our licensing plans and we cannot take the risk of listing a station which might not have licensing coverage.

Our Directory and mobile apps will remain closed to "outsiders" because an unlicensed or non-compliant station would damage our integrity and licensing agreements. 

On the other hand, if you are interested in the services that we provide and moving your stream/listener sessions over to Live365, then your station would be listed immediately upon payment received and licensing compliance met. All listening must come through the Live365 platform in order for a station to be covered.