As part of every standard broadcast package, Live365 provides music licensing for the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom along with royalty reporting coverage. Live365 is licensed for streaming and royalty reporting in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. for both performers and copyright holders. We obtain music licenses specifically from ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, GMR, AllTrack, SOCAN, Re:Sound, PPL, and PRS.

We also provide automatic royalty reporting through SoundExchange. SoundExchange reporting is how the artists get paid when you play their songs. This is similar to traditional radio stations providing a physical log of all their music that they played, but in Live365 we do all that for you automatically. Please note that it is extremely important that all your tracks contain accurate metadata for artist, title, and album.

The music licensing coverage provided by Live365 comprises a large part of your monthly subscription fee. This coverage is standard for all regular Live365 Broadcaster packages. You can view our standard Live365 Broadcaster packages on our website.

Our licenses cover approximately 99.9% of all produced music (both for composers and performers). If your collection is derived from major record labels then you are assuredly covered with Live365 Broadcaster packages. Most musicians are covered or represented by these PRO's.

Please note that our music licensing does not enable us to cover independent artists, but if you receive permission from them (via email or written permission) then they effectively have are allowing you to play their songs without expectations of royalty compensation.

As for international music, the reciprocal agreements from the PRO licensing bodies allow you to play any commercially produced foreign music without having to acquire additional licenses.

If you already have your own music licensing, Live365 provides other packages than the ones listed on our site which might interest you. If you are an existing terrestrial AM/FM station, you will need to keep your current licenses because our licensing agreements only cover internet radio. For broadcasters that already have coverage, or are not streaming any copyrighted content, please contact to inquire.