There are 3 primary modes of broadcasting with us: 

  1. You can upload your audio library to your station and then use the cloud-based tools (AutoDJ, playlists, etc.) to run your station. This mode allows you to have Station IDs, talk segments, etc. all run by our web-based software. You can leave it on random, and the Ads and Station IDs will play throughout the hours. It can be as involved or as hands-off as you'd like.
  2. You can stream out your programming from your computer to your station by using an automation program and encoder running on your desktop computer. The program generates the playlists and uses rules to insert our Ads and your Station ID's as needed for every hour. While this can also be a hands-off situation, you do need to spend some effort configuring and setting it up. Some of the applications are simple playlists, some come with complex rule-sets, and some are just an encoder playing whatever you have queued up in Winamp or VLC.
  3. You can configure a Relay ingest stream to pull in a stream from an existing service such as CentovaCast. When configured correctly, the Relay will drive your Live365 stream and transmit the text metadata to your Live365 dashboard for licensing and royalty compliance.