A Gravatar is a Globally Recognized Avatar that allows you to upload and create your profile just once. It will then follow you on any Gravatar-enabled site, like Live365 Broadcaster.

Follow these steps to setup and add your Gravatar.

Step 1) From your Live365 account menu, click "Account Settings."

Step 2) On the Account Settings page, click on the "Update Image" link below the Avatar image.

Step 3) Once you have opened the "Update Image" link, you will be presented with instructions. If you would like to update the image, just click the link.

Step 4) From the Gravatar website, click on the "Create Your Own Gravatar" button.

Step 5) Sign up for Gravatar with a WordPress.com account or click "Already have a WordPress.com account?" to sign in. 

NOTE: Be sure you sign up with the same email address you use for your Live365 account.

Step 6) Click on the link in the confirmation email that you receive. Check your Spam folder if you don't see an email from WordPress.com. 

Step 7) Go back to Gravatar and login if necessary.

Step 8) Next, click the "Add a new image" link.

Step 9) Click the "Upload New" Button

Step 10) Click "Choose File" and pick a profile picture from your computer. Then click "Next."

Step 11) Crop your image by moving the box that is overlaid on the image you choose. Then click on "Crop Image."

Step 12) Choose the rating that reflects the content of your Avatar. Then click the "Set Rating" button.

Step 13) Start Using It. When you create an account on other websites and that site uses Gravatar, your profile image will automatically be set to the profile picture from your Gravatar account. This only applies when you use the same email address on those sites. 

NOTE:  Be sure to refresh your "Account Settings" page for the new image to show up on your account. (Press the F5 key on your keyboard)