There are many ways to share access to your station’s stream. Sharing your station’s stream widely will help you attract more listeners. 


First, make sure you have selected the station that you want to share with listeners. Highlight and click the station name to select it. If you are unfamiliar with how to navigate this part of Live365, please see this help article which describes dashboard navigation. 

Once you have selected the appropriate station, you will be taken to that station's menu page. From this page, you will be able to navigate and make changes and adjustments to your station. 

You can find the various links to your station’s stream by selecting "Listen" in the Station Menu.

The methods you want to use to legally share the Live365 station with your listeners are the Live365 Embeddable Player and Last Played Widgets and your Station Profile (as seen in the Live365 directory).

The Live365 Player widget is the best way for your listeners to experience your station. This widget can be embedded into your website and allows the listeners to either (a) directly tune in and listen to your Live365 station by pressing the "Play" button, or (b) access the pop-out player. When listeners decide to access the pop-out player, it will open in a new window so that the tab where the pop-out player is launched from does not close. 

Both the Player widget and the pop-out player will display all the current track information, last played tracks, links for purchasing tracks, lyric access information, a share your station button, as well as links to your station’s social media pages. Read more about the widgets here.

Your Live365 Station Profile provides a great overview of your station. Listeners can read your station description, view your genres, and see the recently played tracks. Of course, any web or social media links that you've configured through your Dashboard settings are available to your audience. Listeners can also press the "Play" button on your Station Profile to listen to your stream directly from your Station Profile page.

Visit the Listen section of your Dashboard to explore all of the options available.

Sharing the Live365 Player widget on your personal website

You will find the embeddable code for the Live365 widgets in the "Listen" section of your Dashboard. You can copy and paste the iframe text directly into most website editors. The current song title will continually update as your station plays different tracks, even if the listener hasn't started listening yet.


Sharing your stream on social media

You can share your Live365 station to your Facebook or Twitter directly by using the "Share" button from the Player widget.

Below is an example of how the Live365 Player widget will look on your website. Your listeners will be able to directly tune in and listen to your station by pressing the "Play" button.