FTP stands for file transfer protocol. It is a quick way for you to upload entire folders full of tracks in one easy step.

In order to use FTP, you will need  additional software. Filezilla is just one of many FTP software programs. While other software interfaces may differ, the process will be largely the same across most file transfer software programs. You can find another different example using an FTP client called FTPCommander here.


Step 1: Contact the Live365 Solutions Team for the FTP information required to upload files.

FTP upload details are not directly available within the Broadcaster interface. Please inquire directly with the Solutions team via a support ticket using the subject "FTP Login Request." Solutions can be reached by emailing support@live365.com or by clicking here. 

Step 2: Download a copy of Filezilla.

You can download a free copy of Filezilla from their website.

You can use Filezilla with Mac, Linux, and Windows. Choose the appropriate download for your operating system. Once the download is complete, open the file to install Filezilla on your computer.


Step 3: Open the Filezilla application.

Just below the toolbar at the top of the Filezilla window, you will see text boxes for host, username, password, and port.

This is where you will enter your FTP information from Live365.


Step 4: Input the FTP information into Filezilla.

Once you receive a reply, copy and paste the information directly from the Live365 reply into the Filezilla interface.

Live365 FTP IP = Filezilla Host 

Live365 FTP Username = Filezilla Username 

Live365 FTP Password = Filezilla Password

Port = 21 

Once you’ve input the information into Filezilla, click on the "Quickconnect" button, to the right of the text boxes. 


Step 5: Find .mp3 and .m4a files through the Filezilla interface.

Search for the folders on your device in the Local Site pane in the Filezilla interface. Files from your selected folder will appear in the pane below.

Click and drag the files from the from the lower part of the Local Site pane on the left, to the lower part of the Remote Site pane on the right. (You can select multiple files at a time by holding shift.)

Make sure that all the files that you are selecting are either .mp3 or .m4a, and that the titles are free of special characters (б,ч,숭,이,ç,ñ).

Once you’ve dragged the files to the Remote Site pane of the left, the downloads will start automatically. You can check the status of the file transfers in the bottom-most pane in Filezilla. 


Step 6: Check for the uploaded tracks in Live365.

You should now be able to see the tracks under the Media -> Tracks in the Live365 interface. They should appear as soon as they’ve finished uploading. You will need to amend the Categories and Track Types manually. You might also need to edit the metadata for your newly uploaded tracks. Once you have amended the tracks as needed, they will be ready for use.