Yes, you can upload all your tracks via FTP. Upload details are not directly available within the Broadcaster interface. Please inquire directly with the Solutions team via a support ticket using the subject "FTP Login Request". Solutions can be reached by emailing or by clicking here. 

What Is FTP?

FTP is a file transfer protocol. It allows you to upload large batches of files directly to your Live365 library. It requires the integration of a 3rd party FTP software. Sometimes it is more time efficient to use a FTP client to upload large batches of files in lieu of the web-based uploading tool that is built into Live365. One downside of using the FTP is that you will need to go back and add Types and Tags for your uploaded tracks, whereas when you use the Live365 web-based upload tool, you can add Types and Tags right away.

Please remember when Uploading via FTP that your files have to be in a .mp3 or .m4a extension. Please try not to use unique or unconventional characters in file names when uploading files (б,ч,숭,이,ç,ñ).

You can read example step-by-step instructions on how to upload via FTP using Filezilla here or FTPCommander here.

What are some common FTP programs?