By opting in to the Advertising Revenue Share Program, you, as a Broadcaster, give Live365 exclusive control over the ads that are played on your station. 

In return, Live365 will share 50% of its Net Advertising Receipts with you, the Broadcasters. Net Advertising Receipts are the amounts actually received by Live365 for the corresponding Broadcaster’s delivery of advertising impressions during the specified time period. Opting into the Advertising Revenue Share Program can help to further reduce your monthly streaming costs.

Broadcaster’s Revenue Share is calculated each calendar month according to the following formula:

  1. 50% of Net US Audio Advertising Receipts multiplied by the Broadcaster’s percentage of corresponding paid US impressions delivered for the period.
  2. 50% of Net Non-US Audio Advertising Receipts times Broadcaster’s percentage of corresponding paid Non-US impressions delivered for the period.

An example of how this works

If, in a particular month, Live365 received $25,000 for delivery of 8.5 million US audio impressions in that month, a Broadcaster whose stations delivered 20.000 of those impressions would be paid $14.70 for these US impressions. This represents 50% of the corresponding US ad revenue delivered by this station. A similar calculation will be done on non-US revenue and impressions.

The total amount that Live365 receives is based on how many ads were heard across the entire Live365 network and the current rate per 1,000 ads. These two factors vary every month. The number of ads played on our network changes, and the rate per 1,000 that the ads are worth changes based on market demands and other factors. These two factors, combined with how many impressions you station has, are how we calculate your ad revenue owed to you.

A more concise example

Factors and RatesDollar Amount
Your Impressions for a time period:20,000
Current Rate:$2.00
Per 1000 Factor:0.002$40.00
50% Split with Live365:0.5
Credit due to you:

More notes about the Ad Revenue Share Program

Note that in order to receive your share of the Advertising Revenue, you must be up-to-date on your current billing cycle, with no outstanding payments, and you must strictly adhere to the Advertising Revenue Share Program guidelines of at least 4 minutes per hour of ads, with a maximum of 2 minutes duration per ad break. 

Ad revenue is generally available 90-120 days after the end of each corresponding month. You may collect your first revenue credits 90-120 days after your account was created.