After signing up for a station, you will need to choose a station name, music genres, programming timezone, and station logo. Before you can use Live365, you will also need to accept the terms of service.

Once you have signed up for a Live365 station, you will receive an email from Live365 where you can create your station. Please note that you should complete the signup process from your desktop computer and not from your mobile phone. If you have any issues logging into your station please contact support


Step 1 and 2: Account and Payment Details

From your activation email, log into your station with the links provided. Your Login and Password should have been confirmed via these emails. Click the links and confirm your account and payment details.


Step 3: Enter Your Station Information

Your Station Name
Your station name is public so choose your station name carefully. Listeners can find your station on the Live365 directory by searching for your station name. Your station name will also be the title on your embeddable player widget and pop-out player. It is possible to change your station name at a later time, if you so choose. Station names should be no more than 40 characters long.

Your Station Website
If you have a website set up for your station, please enter the domain here. If you don’t currently have a station website, leave it blank. You can input the URL at a later date once you’ve created a website. Once you’re finished with the setup instructions, your website information can be updated in the "Station Settings -> Station Profile -> Social links". 

NOTE: Please make sure to have the URL start with http:// or https://

Please choose the timezone from which you will be programming your station. NOTE: This timezone will directly correlate with your Scheduler and timed events. If you need your default timezone adjusted after you have completed the setup process, contact the support team for assistance

Station Genres
Genres are another way that listeners can find your station on the Live365 directory. You can choose up to five genres to describe the type of format played on your station. Once your station is set up, you can also change these genres at any time by selecting "Station Settings -> Station Profile" section.

Begin typing a genre like “Blues” and the main genres and subgenres will also appear for you to choose from. If you do not see a genre you need and you’d like to have it included in the directory, contact our support team

Station Logo
Your station page and your station’s player include an area to display your station’s logo. Please upload an image here to populate those areas. The ideal size is 300px by 300px, but most importantly your image must be square. Your station logo will also be shown on the Live365 station directory.

If you don’t choose a station logo, the default logo (above) will appear as a placeholder until you add one. Once you are done with this station setup, you can add a station logo at a later date by selecting "Station Settings -> Station Profile."

You can change your Station Name, Station Logo, and Genres at a later date from the Station Menu in the Live365 interface by selecting "Station Settings -> Station Profile." Read more about your station settings here.


Step 4: Terms Of Service

After review, please accept the Terms of Service by clicking on the red "ACCEPT TERMS" button. If you decline the terms of service, you will not be able to use Live365.  If you have any questions about this information please contact us.


Once you’ve accepted the terms of service, you will be taken to your Live365 Account Menu. 

Congratulations! You are ready to upload media and create your first Event! Next, read the Dashboard Navigation and First Time User Broadcast Guide!